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What is the message of John 14:6?

John 14:6 means Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to salvation. There is no other!

It is only through Him we can be saved. No one can come to God directly until they have known Jesus. 

“I am the way” means the ONLY way to make heaven is to accept Jesus as your Lord and savior. All He wants from us is to believe in Him. It is only through Christ we go to the Father. There is no other way we can submit to God except what He had said.

“I am the truth” means Jesus is the word of God personified. He is God’s revealer, that is, He reveals the truth and He is the source of all truth. As God’s disciples, we are to speak the truth, walk in the truth and believe in the truth..

“I am the life” means Jesus Christ is the eternal life. He gives eternal life to only those who believe in Him for salvation. God’s covenant of grace covers everyone who have faith in Christ. Jesus is the giver of life and the only one who can take us to the place He prepared for us.

“No one comes to the Father except through me” means there is no other way, no other truth neither is there another life to God except through Christ. There is no other way to Jesus. It is only through Him we can serve and please God.